Christ Centered Thoughts

We are mere babes in understanding and intellect to our Heavenly Father. And just as babes, we are in constant need of love and nourishment. As parents, as we watch our children grow—they can only understand so much and sometimes can’t see the reasoning behind everything that we do and ask of them, which sometimes leads to crying, throwing fits, and disobedience. It’s a striking resemblance of how we act towards our Heavenly Father when he gives us commandments and lays forth His laws. Just like children, we sometimes can’t understand "why;" we sometimes lack the capability to see the whole picture and the meaning, but as children both earthy and to our Father in Heaven, growth comes from obeying our parents, even when we sometimes don’t understand why, and as we act in faith we will come to know that they love us and would only ask us to do things that would bless us and make us happy. As we follow their commands we will start to partake of the fruits that come from obedience, and everything that they have asked of us will be understood and easy for us to embrace--what was first hard to see and understand, will now be clear and transparent as purified mountain streams, flowing from the grand mountains of knowledge from our Father and our God.


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